Google Maps of Medical Residency Programs

PLEASE NOTE: these files have not been updated in some time, and the code to generate them did not work the last time i tried to use it because of changes to the FREIDA website.

I frequently get asked about these maps, but I no longer have the time/energy/inclination to update them. If you know Perl, you can hack the code used to generate these KML files and make your own maps. If you do so, and post them online, please let me know and I will happily link to whatever site you host them on. (hossman @ this domain name that starts with an "f" and ends with an "")

These Are KML files containing information about Medical Residency Programs in the US. The raw data was retrieved from the AMA FREIDA System, and scripts where then used to extract the data from the HTML, and attempt to geo-code each program with a physical location based on the contact address of the Program Director (or when neccessary: just the City+State). NOTE: Due to changes in the way FREIDA requires cookies/sessions, the code can no longer fetch the program director's address, and programs are only mapped based on City+State.

The Raw KML file can be loaded into Google Earth, or the Data can be browsed using Google Map.